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Established in 1983, Tina's Golden Comb has served the community for 33 years. For many years located at the west end of downtown Brockville in her own little nook, Tina has now just moved to a more central location right by the cenotaph. Tina's inspiration for her businesses was founded in her love for helping others feel good about themselves and find out how beautiful they truly are. It has been a roller coaster ride of the businesses ups and downs through the years, but Tina has taken each up and down with stride. Her new direction and goal for the businesses to start a school that will teach and help the next generation. A hair salon that works practically with the students to create an atmosphere of learning as well as a place that the customers can come and be a part of the family of Golden Combs.   

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Inspired her own love of hair and design, Tina began apprenticing in a local hair dressers and learned all she could and when they changed hand, she ventured out on her own and rented her own chair at Town and Country Salon. It was a great starting place but it was only stepping stone to her own dreams. In 1983, she opened up her own Salon at 151 king St. West. In 1999, she began looking for a new place as she was growing beyond the limits of the walls of that place. In 2000, she opened up next door and stayed there for 16 years. She continued to dream all through these years about where she could go from here. 

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It is about beauty

The atmosphere of Tina's is earthy, quaint and fun. All the products offered are natural and healthy. From Kevin Murphy to the Young Living Essential oils and everything in between, it is about feeling your whole self when you walk out of that door. The hairdressers work to help create the look you want, the beauticians are gentle and caring and overall you walk out feeling like a new person.

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The community is where Tina's Golden Combs heart lies. Tina's Golden come recently moved to 145 King St W., here Tina is working to make her dream of starting a school to teach hairdressers is looking to come to life. The dream is to continue to bring about change and show beauty in Brockville. 

Tina's Golden Comb offers:

Hair Styling | Colours | Perms | Waxing | Manicures | Pedicures | Sheilac | Message | Wigs | Kevin Murphy Haircare | Young Living Essential Oils | Ear & Nose Piercings | 

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