Tait's Fresh Start Bakery

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Established in 1908, Tait's is the oldest bakery in Brockville. Opened as one of the first bakery's in the area for you to get store made bread and baked goods. Tait's Bakery was the beginning of a new era for the community of Brockville as before this time, the baking was the woman's job for each household. In 1958, the store was bought by Bruce Mazeruk who then passed the store down to his two sons, John and Steve. The bakery continued to work hard in the community and had products in the grocery stores and restaurants all around town and even as far as Ottawa and Kingston. In 2012, the Mazeruk brothers sold the store to new owners, Perry and Steacy Wenham and the store continued under their management till 2015 when it was unfortunately closed due to bankruptcy. The community of Brockville was devastated to loose such a milestone place in Brockville, it was a huge loose and left the Brockville downtown feeling empty. Thankfully, in 2015 around Thanksgiving, long time employee of 27 years, Jay Leroux, and his partner, Mel Day, 10 year employee, opened up the new Tait's Fresh Start Bakery. It was in the same location, same great food and products under a new name but all still in the family with the Mazeruk's being a great helping hand in the restart. Tait's Fresh Start Bakery is booming and once again the centre of town in the downtown core of Brockville. 

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Jay and Mel

Jay took over Tait's Bakery in 2015 and recreated the new and thriving Tait's Fresh Start Bakery. Jay has worked at Tait's for 27 years and counting through different owners. It was his dream to eventually be able to one day be the owner and when events came to pass with the last owner, it was the perfect opportunity. With his partner, Mel, they signed up to keep the mile stone bakery running strong in the Brockville downtown community. Mel has worked at the bakery herself for 11 years and counting and together they are pursuing this dream together. 

It is family

The people of Tait's Fresh Start Bakery are family. When you walk in the door to grab that delightful cup of coffee with that perfect doughnut or tart to when you come in for lunch with a friend. The staff light up and greet you with a great and inviting nature, they look forward to being apart of your day. Jay and Mel are about the family atmosphere with the staff. Tait's was owned by the Mazurek family for many a years from fathers to sons and grandsons and granddaughters worked there as well. The character of the family continues on even as Tait's Fresh Start Bakery has taken a new direction. 

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The food

If you need just that something sweet or the freshness that will take your breathe away, Tait's Fresh Start Bakery is the place to visit. From breads to sweets, sandwiches and treats, Tait's prides themselves in the indulgence of delicious food. Leave your diet at the door and come on in and enjoy so much more! 

Tait's Fresh Start Bakery serves:

| Breads (Rye, White, Brown, Harvest) | Rolls | Buns | Tarts | Pies | Cakes | Doughnuts | Subs | Sandwiches | And so much more |

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Visit: 31 King St. W., brockville, Ontario K6V 3P7