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Established in 1981, St. Lawrence Heating was founded by Peter Kishka as a home based business with the help of his wife, Lorraine. In 2010, they began working out of their now office on County Road 2 as they grew beyond the limits of their home. Peter started the business in the 80s cleaning and repairing chimneys and soon began to see the oppurtunity to expand into heating as well. With the move to their own office, St. Lawrence Heating also moved into maintenance and servicing heating. They are well known and established in the community as a reputable and great company to work with!

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Peter loves being in the field more than the office as the installing and working with each client is what St. Lawrence Heating is all about. From day one, it has been about working to keep the community warm in the winter and now even cool in the summer! The definition of a successful company for him is satisfied customers, 24 hour emergency service and a wide market from beyond Kingston to Morrisburg to over 3,000 customers!

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When you walk into the office of St. Lawrence Heating, you are greeted by family all around. Peter's wife and daughter-in-law work in the office helping to keep the paperwork running smooth and booking all the appointments! Also Peter's son works in the field with his dad. This company was founded as a family business and all who 8 employees who work with them are adopted into the family!

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The community is the heart of their office as St. Lawrence Heating is always working hard and serving their customers.
Services, include:
24 hour Emergency Service | Annual Maintenance | Installation and Repair | Heating and Cooling Systems | Heating Conversions | Oil Tank Removal and Maintenance | Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning | Wett Inspections |

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Phone: 613-342-1396

Visit: 1844 Hwy 2 East, Brockville, ON, K6V 5T1