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Established in 2015, Sleepless Monkey is a artistic little cafe nestled in downtown Brockville. The owner Christine's heart behind this cafe is to create a place in Brockville you can go to after the show, event or even dinner that you went to. Originally from Niagara Peninsula and St. Catherine's area, there are many places you can go after dinner to grab desert and a coffee there. Christine hope is to introducing that idea to Brockville with The Sleepless Monkey Cafe. It is a hidden gem among the downtown businesses. The beautiful artwork that decorates the walls of the cafe are painted by Christine herself. The store displays her beautiful talent and embodies the community of Brockville in her dreams to connect art and time spent together over a delightful treat and cup of tea. 

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Christine and the team

Whether coming in to sit down or taking out, Sleepless Monkey is all about community. Regulars orders are quickly memorized and family is created. Christine looks to have a strong team that embodies the store. Having settled in Brockville 15 years ago, this is her home and she loves getting to be apart of the community in this way. 

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tea, Coffee, all things great

From their own blend of coffee to the plethora of options for teas and tea lattes and to their soups and sandwich's, Sleepless Monkey is a vibrant and artistic cafe that is great for connecting with friends. Its menu is fresh and its atmosphere artistic and fun. Evening game nights, comedy nights and paint the night are offered a few times a month as well. 

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The Dream

The dream behind Sleepless Monkey is to create that place that you can come after the show and have a treat and cup of tea or after dinner out, have desert and a cup of coffee. While there are many cafes in Brockville, this one stands alone in its desire to be that place after hours and create an atmosphere to serve through the day and into the night. 

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To get connected to The Sleepless Monkey Cafe, check out their website or follow them on social media, click on the links below:

Facebook: The Sleepless Monkey Cafe

Website: The Sleepless Monkey Cafe

Call: (343) 264-8018

Visit: 170 King St. West, Brockville, Ontario