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Established in 1974, Limestone and Ivy was founded by Inger Sparring-Barraclough from Sweden. She came to Canada from Sweden 34 years ago with her three children. The store started as a tiny 600 square foot shop with a focus on European shoes and accessories and has grown into a full European Inspired Style boutique. From Brockville, Sparring has opened three successful businesses. Two are located in Kingston, Ontario and the milestone shop is still located in Brockville. It is now in a beautiful little shop along King St. and fits in beautiful with the history and heritage of Brockville culture through the years. Dan Sparring, the son of Inger, runs the Brockville location along with the operations manager, Maria Cronk, the daughter of Inger. It is still a family run businesses and brands quality and lasting products and relations in the community. 

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The Fancy That Group

Limestone & Ivy is the flag store for The Fancy That Group in Brockville. It was the beginning of a very successful dream in this area as they spread two other successful stories into Kingston. Here in Brockville, the store manager, Patricia, has worked with the family for over 10 years. She partners with and works alongside Dan Sparring to make this European style store thrive in downtown Brockville. 

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Limestone and Ivy is more than just style. It holds class and elegancy in its simple styling and beautiful clothing. The heart of Inger was to bring a slight touch of Europe to Brockville and she did it beautifully. The stores have been a great success all through the years and are continuing on strong. 



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As The Fancy That Group has grown and developed through the years, it has prided itself on its personally styled boutiques that speaks to each community it is in. It is more than a franchise but a place of community. Working alongside the European style, they also supply Canadian and American lines but ones that are European styled. 


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Visit: 39 King St. West, Brockville, Ontario