The Homestead deli & bakery

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Established in 2009, this Mom and Pop deli and bakery is positioned strategically between Brockville and Prescott on Highway 2 and is the only restaurant between the two cities. Starting as a chip truck and then evolving into a sit and dine and take out restaurant. This deli & bakery is all about the fineness of good food. Cindi used to work at P&G but she wanted to do something more with her life. She always loved to cook and feed others so it only seemed to make sense to put that desire into her own restaurant. With delicious fresh and frozen meals, the Homestead is Cindi’s little pride and joy along with her husband, Yvon.

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Inspired by working a full day job and just not feeling like this was the direction she wanted for her life, Cindi jumped in head first and started this little Mom and Pop style Deli & Bakery. Her husband, Yvon, and herself worked hard to make the businesses what it is day in and day out. But the fruit of their labour and the freedom from just working a nine to five has truly helped them find their happy place at The Homestead. 

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The quality of the food is all about the time and energy it takes to create great food. Fresh buns and bread for the sandwiches and subs and the freshest baked goods made on location. The greatest factor for everything in this little Homestead is the balance. Cindi works to make sure that everything that is delivered is done to the best of what she can do and balances her menu and work around that. 

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An old local car garage turned into a beautiful little place for people to come and enjoy good food and great company. Yvon, Cindi's husband, worked to turn the store into what it is as a restaurant and homestead of their own in the adjoining building. It has a rustic feel and smells delcious whenever you walk in the front door. 

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Visit: 1842 County Rd 2 East, Brockville, Ontario