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Established in 2009, Golden Soles Footwear and Accessories works with the very best orthotics shoes to bring comfort and style to your walk. The business evolved through the Self-Employment Benefit that the owner, Elaine, became involved in when she came back home from living in Nova Scotia. There was a need in her own life for a good quality shoe that would be comfortable, fit her foot properly and enhance her life as your feet are the foundation of us all. This sparks great passion in Elaine to help others find their comfortable and is all about helping people feel good about themselves and help to relieve that is cause by wearing improper footwear. From the soles of your feet, pain travels to your brain. From your brain to your body and finds your weakest point so with proper footware, we can help to fight that pain and make ourselves walk with confidence and freedom.

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Elaine moved back to Brockville from Nova Scotia in 2008 when life called her back to live close to her son and his family. Upon settling here again, she wanted to do something here that would have impact and help others. She did just that through Golden Soles as she is recommended by doctors in town because of the great quality she offers and long lasting support. 

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Shoe brands include Semler, Naot, Portofino, Imac, Volks Walkers and Propet. The in-house brand is Volks Walker which remains in stock all year round for their great quality and support. Elaine is full of knowledge and love what she does so she will help you find the best shoe to fit you. 

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Local and beyond

While working closely with the Brockville community, Golden Soles also spreads its wings all the way to British Columbia in Canada and as far as Miami Beach in the United States. She also works with the retirement homes in the area and helps to bring about solid support for them in shoes. 

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Visit: 46 King St. East, Brockville, Ontario