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Established in 1979, Colonial flowers is a thriving little flower shop on the corner of Kincaid St. and King St. West. In 1989, Marilyn Gill and Marlene Neddo, twin sisters, took over the store from the founding owners. Marilyn's original dream was to have a child clothing shop, but as she worked for the previous owners of the flower shop, she began to love flowers and how many beautiful things they could say. Now, 27 years later, the store is blooming and growing each year. It is a family felt and run businesses with the sisters working in their own expertise to see the store alive and thriving. Colonial Flowers offer a large range of services and are basically your one-stop-shop for any event. 

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Marilyn and Marlene

In the back or on the shop floor, Marilyn is passionate about all things flowers. She went to Algonquin College for Floral Design to get her foundational training and graduated with Honours. She continues to learn everyday and attend new training all the time so she can stay up to date with all of the new Fashion of Flowers. 

Marlene works on the behind the scenes of the businesses to help it run smoothly. She took a Floral Design course herself and loves working with flowers when she can. 

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Tuesdays and Thursdays are glorious days at Colonial flowers. Why? Because that is when the flower delivery truck comes. Marilyn goes out herself to the truck and picks out the flowers that she needs for that part of the week. She demands fresh and lasting qualities in her flowers. The store is full of their beautiful fragrance. They design everything from weddings to funerals and everything in between. 

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And more

The economy has had an impact on them and they spread out their wings to cover more areas of business. They want to make sure that all customers are satisfied when they come into their store.

They cover everything from:

Planning | Linens | Catering | Design | Flowers | Delivery


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Visit: 161 King St. West, Brockville, Ontario