The river lily boutique

The River Lily-Just Joy 2016

Established in 2015, The River Lily Boutique is quaint little store nestled in the heart of downtown. River Lily is a place that you walk into an feel great. The heart behind the store, Nicole, works to create a place that welcomes you in and inspires you to make your own space in your home through the elegant home decorations, well being products and just beautiful pieces of work. As a natural soap maker before opening this store, it was a stepping stone for Nicole to grow a successful little business selling wholesome products. 

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Inspired by no longer wanting to make the commute back and forth for her job, Nicole was encouraged by her family to make her own perfect job that she would like to go to everyday. Having already made soap for 5 years prior to opening her store, she began to see how she could create a place that had healthy and beautiful products at the centre. 

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It was more than just health though, the store needed to embody wellness as well. Nicole decided to open up a place that was like a gift shop. A place that could support local artisans, like she was before she opened the store, and support Canada with homeland made products. This was the beginning of something great for her little store. 

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As you enter the store, you walk into a treasure. River Lily is a vibrant and alive little shop that helps you feel alive. Products standards, include:

Natural made products | Locally Sourced | Environmental friendly | Canadian Made | Fair Trade

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Visit: 53 King St. West, Brockville, Ontario