This project is about bringing awareness and support to the Small Businesses of Brockville to establish future years of business in the community. The aim and objective is to bring the community together to support the store owner and their businesses. By working closely with each businesses involved, we are looking to create their history, inspiration and story in an engaging and relatable story. This, in turn, is a stepping stone for the community to see the impact that supporting these stories will have on the store owners and their dreams. The overall idea of this website is to create a directory for the Small Businesses of Brockville that will document their history and their future in our community and tourists and locals can read and get to know the Small Businesses of Brockville. From each store page, you can connect to each businesses and see what they have to offer. 

This website directory was founded and brought about by Joy Covey of Just Joy Imaging. While she was working to obtain her degree in Photography, this was the idea for her Degree Major Portfolio. She wants to make a difference in the community and see Brockville continue on its heritage and legacy for years to come. 

"This project is inspired by my love of the community I grew up in and wanting to see the Small Businesses succeed."

Connect with Joy, check out her website and follow her on social media, click on the links below:

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Email: justjoyimaging@gmail.com

Phone: (613) 340-0504